I Believe Introverts are Natural Service Providers who can Make the World a Better Place.

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Hi! I'm Britta...

Britta Vercoutter Profile Picture

I’m a highly sensitive, multi-passionate entrepreneur, specializing in business strategy, marketing & brand design.

After years in the corporate rat race, in different countries around the world, I’ve learned a lot about business, marketing & most of all myself. 

I had always felt different, and I know now that I’m not designed to fit into the typical corporate environment. 

I crave freedom, flexibility, and being able to make an actual difference. So far, the only way I have been able to achieve this, is by starting my own business.

As I got to know more about my highly sensitive personality, it became my mission to support other intuitive business owners in their journey toward their version of success.

One of my BIG lessons was realizing that the key to success is internal. It’s the power of YOU (aka your Hidden SuperPower).

Let me help you tap into what makes YOU unique so you can create a business that works for you instead of against you, with less stress and more fun!

We’ll define a clear plan and build a solid system that will allow you to run the high-impact business of your dreams, all on your terms.

"Yes, you may be different, but what if that means you were born to stand out?"


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