What my client are saying!

Britta has such an amazing vision. It is unique and refreshing, and she gives insightful tips. Right from the first call she referred me to a prospective client; she truly does want to help you. She is authentic and stands out from the crowd. I highly, highly recommend her to everyone who wants an authentic strategy to marketing that aligns with who they are.

Jade Francesca

Creative media & visibility strategy

Britta is a pleasure to work with and I’m so grateful to have received her guidance around marketing my brand & online course! She’s very professional and clearly brings a lot of valuable experience to her work. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for support in growing their business in a way that feels authentic and aligned!

Maggie Taurick

Britta got on a call with me to help me with my marketing strategy. She was super friendly and professional and gave my some awesome tips to improve my marketing, including suggesting certain keywords for my website that I hadn't thought of! She knows what she's doing and I highly recommend her for your marketing needs!

Lisa Marie Johnson

Britta was kind enough to help me with with a website audit. I had just completed a landing page for an event and I wanted to make absolute sure it converted. Britta gave me some excellent feedback that will improve my conversion and that I can use on future pages too- things I definitely would not have known and could have had a huge effect on the outcome of my sales and events. I’m so glad I had her look over it and now I feel 100% confident in my site!

Payton Moran

Where do I begin? Britta is a magician! We had a tight timeline and limited resources to bring my new website and program to life. Britta made the entire process effortless for me. When we began I was a bit overwhelmed, Britta took in all of the information I had in my mind, listened attentively and made my vision come to life. She was working her magic behind the scenes and when launch week approached, I received surprise after surprise, she thought of everything. Britta was also available for online support during the process which allowed me to stay organized and not forget any steps. It is so rare to find someone who can assist with branding, graphic design and all of the technical pieces that go into creating a successful business, Britta can do it all and more, she is a one stop shop of pure talent! Not to mention her calm demeanor which put me at ease immediately. She took the stress out of all of the things that I was struggling with which allowed me to refocus and get re-inspired to do what I do best. I can’t thank Britta enough for all that she has done for me and my business. I have received so much positive feedback and others can now feel my business which I had a hard time expressing before. I am OVEJOYED with the results and can’t wait to work with her again on my next project! I can’t recommend Britta enough, connect with her today, you will not be disappointed.

Marina Valentina George

"Britta edited an important piece of marketing copy for me. I'd already written multiple drafts and brainstormed its key points with someone. That had whittled things down. "Yet it still felt too long and like it could benefit from an editor's eyes on it. For a little objective support and a break from it. And to be sure it was landing the way I intended. I'm a good writer and have edited for people but sometimes we're too close to our own work! "Britta was efficient, asking some simple but powerful questions along the way. It greatly improved it, then I went in and made some tweaks and it was done. She cut it down by half and made some clever changes I hadn't thought of. "It was great to have that support. I felt more confident sharing it then. Phew!"


Flower SafeHeart

I contacted Britta to help me with a marketing strategy to connect better with my target audience, make sure my branding matches, and that systems in are place to support my goals and vision for my company prior to it's launch. As an introvert, but also knowing that visibility is important to moving forward with my mission, she showed me ways that I can consistently show up, and authentically and easefully market, while still being true to my nature. She also helped me to clarify my branding to communicate better with my target audience. If you're like me, and sales feel foreign, Britta will help you make it feel more easeful and intuitive.

Anna Marie Ramirez

Working with Britta was the best part of creating my business. She transformed my vision into an even more powerful and beautiful design than I imagined. If you want high quality, Britta’s your go-to!

Kristina Anderson

Britta created a cover photo for my Facebook group and it came out beautifully and professionally. I didn't have a clear vision for my design, so I gave her some sample templates that I used for my business and she nailed the look that I was going for. I was so blown away. I highly recommend Britta Vercoutter. Britta is so kind, knows how to create beautifully branded designs, and is very professional. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Tiffany Yang

Britta is a caring and talented designer. She absolutely rescued a document that I wasn't quite ready to release into the world and created something that I LOVE and feel confident to display. Her excellent communication, sensitivity to my needs, eye for detail and quick turnaround are all greatly appreciated. I will be back! And highly recommend her services. A+++

Jehanne Thomas

Hi Britta - I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful work you made of my "rough" draft in canva. You so easily took something that was getting in my way of progressing on my website build and, in such a short time, got me unstuck and moving again. Many thanks and I highly recommend you to anyone else who is feeling that way.

Suzanne Lamers Cobleigh

Thank you Britta for easy and clear suggestions. I was able to take what we talked about and make quick and easy changes to information on our website. Our goal is to have a site that provides easy to understand information to our perspective clients and customers without overwhelming. We definitely believe we're even more in line with that intention now. Jasmine


Jasmine I am Healing One

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